Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research (AJPOR)

ANPOR is starting a new publication: The Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research (AJPOR). AJPOR will be published quarterly online. The first issue will be published in November of 2013.

We invite submissions of articles related to public opinion in Asia. Original research on methodology as well as research notes, book reviews, and poll reviews will all be considered.

For submission guidelines, see click here or visit for more details. Papers should be sent as email attachments to [email protected].

Call for translated papers

One of the goals of ANPOR is increasing awareness of the work we are all doing in our respective countries and making our research more accessible internationally. To help support this goal, the Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research (AJPOR) has decided that, as a service to members, we will publish translations of the best new public opinion research published in Asian languages.

We are currently accepting suggestions for papers to publish.

The editorial board will decide which previously published papers to translate and include in AJPOR. We will always approach the author(s) of the paper to get his permission prior to translating and publishing it. English versions of the paper should be shorter than 2,000 words. If the author feels comfortable translating his paper or writing a shorter version in English, we will encourage him to do so. If he does not feel comfortable translating his own paper, we can ask an ANPOR member to translate it for him.

Here's what you may to do to help to make this a success:

  1. Please suggest the best (non-English) papers related to public opinion research from your country's journals. Submit titles/author/previous publication information to [email protected] . If you can, include an English abstract or a brief statement about the topic of the paper. You may also tell us why you think this paper is important.
  2. We may need help translating some papers. Would you be willing to volunteer to translate papers from your country's language into English?