The Asian Network for Public Opinion Research (ANPOR) was officially established on November 28, 2012, by scholars and experts in public opinion research coming from 9 different Asian countries and regions. The aims and objectives of ANPOR are:

a) to promote in each country or region in Asia the right to conduct and publish scientific research on what the people and its groups think and how this thinking is influenced by various factors,

b) to promote the knowledge and application of scientific methods in this objective,

c) to assist and promote the development and publication of public opinion research in Asia,

d) to promote worldwide the publication of public opinion research on Asia,

e) to promote international cooperation and exchange among academic and commercial researchers, journalists and political actors, as well as between the representatives of the different scientific disciplines.

ANPOR's activities include professional meetings and publications, encouraging high professional standards, promoting improved research techniques, informing journalists about the appropriate forms of publishing poll results, observing the democratic process and use of polls in elections, promoting personnel training, coordinating international polls, and maintaining close relations with other international and regional research associations.

Founding officers of ANPOR includes President Sung Kyum CHO from Korea, Vice President Jantima KHEOKAO from Thailand and Secretary-Treasurer Robert CHUNG from Hong Kong.

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